MediaDrug 1.0.1

Provides you with an easy way to download single music files and entire albums
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MediaDrug provides you with an easy way to download single music files and even entire albums. The program incorporates a tabbed system that allows you to search for several music files simultaneously. In addition, MediaDrug includes a playlist manager and an embedded media player in its main window. All of that complemented by other tools like a download manager.

The program provides an easy-to-use interface that avoids the common complications of other music downloaders or P2P clients. This interface offers you a very simple search mechanism. You just need to type the song title or the artist name you want the program to search for and press the "Search" button. MediaDrug shows in a special panel all the results found – both individual songs and full albums – sorted in a hierarchical way. Then you can drag any of those results and drop them into the playlist area. If you drag and drop an album, all the songs belonging to it will be added to your current playlist for you. Now you can tell the program to download any of the selected files or set it to start downloading the music files as soon as you drop them into your playlist.

As you can see, the program manages the playlist and the download list separately. You can listen to any song in your playlist using the program’s built-in player, even before downloading that particular song. The download manager opens in a separate window, into where you can also drag and drop any of the results to download them. You can configure the maximum number of songs that can be downloaded simultaneously, the download folder, and the structure of the song names. Finally, you can set a proxy configuration and define keyboard shortcuts for some common actions, among other general purpose parameters.

To sum up, MediaDrug is a handy application that allows you to create playlists and download your desired music files in an easy and funny way.

Ricardo Soria
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Review summary


  • Nice interface
  • Very simple search mechanism
  • Allows you to download full albums with one click
  • You can perform several music searches simultaneously
  • Includes a built-in audio player
  • It can start downloading a song as soon as you add it to the playlist


  • No help files or start guides
  • It may take you a while to understand how to start downloading songs
  • The download manager works as a separate tool
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