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Downloads music and organizes playlists
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Access and play albums sorted in the utility by multiple categorization filters, such as track name, artist, genre, etc. Downloading separate audio files is possible along with batch downloading albums and archives. It is compatible with MP3 and other common formats.

MediaDrug is a free music downloader for Windows. The application works in a very simple manner, giving you an access to thousands of songs and albums that you can download to your PC at absolutely no cost. Besides being a downloader, the application also works as a music player with playlist support.

MediaDrug has an intuitive interface that consists of two main panels: the search pane and the player. Starting up the search is quite easy; just enter the name of the song or album you want to download, and the application will immediately show the results. With a single click, you can start downloading single songs or full albums, and you can simply drag and drop a desired song and listen to it before downloading. The search pane uses tabs, so it is possible to make multiple simultaneous searches. All the downloads can be found in the download manager window; here you can also find options to pause or resume downloads.

Besides the ability to download music, MediaDrug also works as a powerful music player with features like the ability to play and create playlists, equalizer, randomizer, and the option to repeat tracks.

You can configure a few settings of the application from the Options dialog. For example, it is possible to control the player with shortcuts and also to define the number of active downloads.

All in all, and leaving legal issues aside, MediaDrug does a superb job at finding and downloading good-quality music from the web. All the songs and albums I searched for were available for download and most of them with a 320kb bitrate. It is certainly an excellent option to obtain the songs and albums you love for free.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Works very well
  • Nice interface with drag and drop support
  • All my searches got results
  • Music with excellent quality
  • Lets you download songs and albums
  • Nice music player
  • Available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android


  • It would be great if the app displayed album covers and art
  • A little tutorial would be helpful for novice users
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